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Recovery Oriented Services

The central focus of recovery oriented services is to create an infrastructure or‚ system of care with the resources to effectively address the full range of substance use problems within communities. The specialty substance use disorder field provides the full continuum of care (prevention, early intervention, treatment, continuing care and recovery) in partnership with other disciplines, such as mental health and primary care, in recovery oriented services. Recovery oriented services encompasses a menu of individualized, person-centered, and strength-based services within a self-defined network. By design, recovery oriented services provides individuals and families with more options with which to make informed decisions regarding their care. Services are designed to be accessible, welcoming, and easy to navigate. A fundamental value of recovery oriented services is the involvement of people in recovery, their families, and the community to continually improve access to and quality of services. The table below further illustrates the range of recovery-oriented services that may be offered in recovery oriented services.

resource guide that provides an overview of ROSC and illustrates how these systems are an integral part of the new health care environment

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